GDR en Afasia Archzine

GDR en Afasia Archzine

Situated in a residential building in Barcelona since 1935 and a close proximity from the sea. The refurbished space is located on the top floor. The roof and  gable were built using wooden beams and ceramic beam fills, with an optimal height to build a mezzanine, or attic. This would allow extension on the space and, at the same time, could accomodate a discriminating open study to the living room and the bedroom; forming a subtle work space surrounded by comfort in natural materials.


The intermediate slab, diaphanously suspended in the centre of the construction, has the complementary function of expanding and articulating that space. This is the central axis of the project, since the only closed spaces are the bathroom on the ground floor and a small storage room in the attic. The basic idea was to build this constructive element almost like a sheet of paper, suspended in the center of the house, as light as possible, so that the space flowed around it to create an interesting visual relationship between the spaces and the functions that the client intended.

The mezzanine and the staircase that gives access to it were built in white painted iron, and ceramic beam fill pieces which generate a chromaticism between white, the original color of the ceramic and the natural oak wood of the floor. The set guarantees a harmonious fitting between white and the existing colourful elements such as the wooden beams, ceramic beam fills and the brick walls, which are from the beginning of the last century.

The owner, a young Catalan designer who lives in Bali, wanted a modern, open and flexible home to spend his brief stays in Barcelona; in a truly relaxed place, close to the sea for rest and, occasionally, working at a leisure and inspiring setting on his projects.

A mezzanine
(Apartment refurbishment in Barcelona)
Architect: Sergi Pons.
Construction year: 2019
Location: Barcelona
Area: 60 + 15 m2
Photographer: Yago Partal
Collaborators: Anna Giralt, Ana Oliver